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This year has been such an exciting year for me professionally. I feel even more enthusiastic about my practice and am striving to find new ways not only to improve myself (hence the blog) but also by continuing to push myself to create new resources.

I have gone one step further this year and have started uploading them to TES! (yes I know I’m behind…I have been downloading for years!)

I thought I would share them here too!

Sky hard
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: clive sax via Compfight

Data Handling KS4-World cup 2014

Big Data
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight


I find data handling so dry! So I have tried to jazz it up a little! With KS4 I have taught all the concepts first and then am going to allow them a free run on creating the project in pairs! Scary I know…but I have faith in them! I will offer some doughnuts as an incentive and they must create a comprehensive presentation on it! There is a word document which includes the objectives as well as objective sheets. The objective sheets include the grade the students are working at. I suggest   asking students to include the target grade in each piece of their presentation.



I am going to teach as we go with this at KS3. I have bottom set year 8 and so its nice to learn as we go. They also enjoy coloring in the objectives as we go! Some of the boys have even been to me at lunchtime to let me know how much they are enjoying it! They are taking real pride in their work


These projects are an excellent opportunity to really encourage students to adopt an ethic of excellence within their work. If you haven't seen Austin's butterfly I really recommend taking a look at this and take a lead from @headguruteacher, Tom Sheirngton.

Some primary colleagues at BSH have asked how we can implement this ethos in Maths. I believe that projects such as this, are excellent opportunities to master ethics of excellence within the maths classroom.

I have been working on this ethos since january with year 7. They are getting there, as you can see form their blog posts. Their posts are inspired by the homework they complete each week.

Takeaway homework

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Gerry Balding via Compfight


for full information about take away homework I recommend you look at @teachertoolkits blog Ross is an award winning blogger and has such inspirational posts.

GCSE Algebra



This has worked really well this year and it keeps students interested as well as allows them to demonstrate true knowledge and understanding!


Pythagoras lesson Plan

08-05-27 1 Stelling
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: GALERIEopWEG via Compfight


The last thing I have to share at the moment is this comprehensive lesson plan on Pythagoras theorem. I recommend adding in on the end a Pythagoras in 3D treasure hunt from Number loving! I love these! I was wowed with how well this lesson went. The year 7 top set i had for this lapped it up! I would recommend constructing the triangle and square prior to the lesson as it was quite time consuming. We didn’t get a chance to finish it. The students loved the QR reader worksheet (question 12’s solution is wrong…makes a nice talking point)

I hope you find these useful, or they at least inspire an aspect of your teaching day!


Please feel free to share! I would appreciate any comments or feedback you may have!





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